The Team


Anatoly Volynets

Author of the book. A scholar, a philosopher, a psychologist, a teacher, a former programmer, and an anti-exclusive-rights enthusiast. Anatoly Volynets grew up in Kiev, Ukraine. One of the major projects he participates in is The School of the Dialogue of Cultures. Volynets’ strong views on exclusive rights are rooted in the theory of culture as the dialogue of cultures. And that theory, in his view, is incompatible with the very concept of exclusive rights. Understanding of that incompatibility resulted in the book this site is devoted to.


Ilya Evenbach

Ilya Evenbach is a professional programmer and a deep humanitarian thinker. He was the first in our team to take on the subject of exclusive rights in the field of software development. Ilya has the most radical view of the problem and his understanding helped a lot in the development of many of the ideas that form this book.


Sasha Willins

Sasha Willins was the first and the main editor of the book. Initially, when it was created chapter by chapter and published in Tom Poe’s newsletter, as well as when those pieces were assembled into the complete volume. She also designed the layout for the book’s Web edition.

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