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Is Copying an Act of Love?

Copying is an act of love is a post on by Nina. I commented there I agree and I do, but must explain what exactly I mean. If I copy a work of art I appreciate it at least. … Continue reading

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On Trademarks

I never took on the concept of trademark as such. For no reason. I actually didn’t specifically contemplated about patents either. All my thinking thus far was aimed at copyrights. Why? Because, first, copyrights, in my view, cause the greatest … Continue reading

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Would books be printed without publishing monopolies?

I want to address one idea from There Are Three Parties To Copyright by Rick Falkvinge. He writes: “The argument that nobody would print books without copyright should have no bearing on today’s legislation, as nothing needs to be printed … Continue reading

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The Creator-Endorsed mark

One important component of successful Authoright world is the ability of a distributor to indicate he is supporting the author. Well, what do you know! The great people at are working on this exact concept. Their Creator-Endorsed Mark is … Continue reading

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