Who Really Owns Your Tattoos?

The article is actually titled “A Lawyer Explains Who Really Owns Your Tattoos

I love it! A lawyer explains! I don’t even want to read all that BS. A lawyer explains…

Years ago I called all the insane derivatives of IP concepts, laws & practices a social decease — “IP Rage” and a rage it is. Yes, it is self-imposed madness, foolishness, stupidity — you name it.

No, I don’t want to read that — it’s not healthy. What I can do it’s maybe play around a little bit with this… how to call it… OK — just another offspring of the monster.

How would they enforce court or non-court judgements and “remedies” on “illegitimate” tattoo carriers? Why not to cut off limbs with someone else “owned” tattoo? Tear off the back skin? Scalp? What else can you come up with IP “owners,” IP enthusiasts, IP lawyers, other pro IP sheeple? Go ahead, don’t be shy, show your creativity.


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