Despicable “Normality”

U.S. Judge Declines to Dismiss Indictment Against KickAssTorrents Founder On Criminal Copyright Charges

What can I say? The terrible, horrible, scaring, frightening, ugly…. language of the article sounds totally normal. It sounds for me as if some Nazis discuss effectiveness of gas chambers and other means for their “normal” activities.

The businesses-parasites grow on the fertile soil of creativity and poisonous IP related additives.

Creativity which, in fact, equals FREE Communication (inner and outer) nowadays becomes:

  • A direct manufacturing force
  • Major mass motive of life
  • Defining force of civilization
  • Essence of all mainstream social, technological and other specific trends

Any cultural phenomena coming out of that super-powerful force by very nature must circulate freely among people. In free circulation, in free communication to all sorts of audiences culture (let’s use just this general terms)  develops normally and brings the most to the authors and public, businesses and markets.

I do believe that is proven in my book. Still the silliest ever monsters-stereotypes that culture needs “protection” from her free communication with humans are at large hunting down creativity.

IP suppresses creativity individually in authors, and massively in audiences and markets. Monster IP which is represented by speculative concepts, laws, agencies and specific businesses is a killer. A plague of modern world. One of the worst.

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