Ideal, Reality, Solution 2. Solution for IP Problem

Yes, IP (Intellectual Property) is nothing else but a problem. A huge one. A catastrophe. I believe it is proven in “Culture vs. Copyright.”

What is THE solution? If IP is nothing else but a problem then the solution is obvious. IP must be abolished.

My question is “How?” My answer is: by an Amendment to the United States Constitution to neutralize the Close 8 of Section 8 of Article I: “The Congress shall have Power (…) To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;”

Oh yes, I understand perfectly well what will surely be the reaction of just any US citizen to the medication I prescribe. An amendment to constitution, while had happened in the past 27 times and have not happened 6 times, always seems undoable. I do not argue with this. I am the first whose imagination is suppressed by only stating the necessity of yet another amendment.

So what? If this is the ideal solution then we need to hold on it. Doable or undoable, it must be understood that it is a must. And then we can talk about steps to be directed to that undoable goal. Nobody knows when we come to a finale. I do not. So? If the right ideal is seen our activities will not be blindfolded “improvements”, that is for sure. For if ideal solution is not seen any “improvement” may very well be just another problem.

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