Copyright and Digital Age

How do people see it?

  1. Copyright is necessary but is difficult to enforce in the digital age due to ever growing technological abilities for “circumvention.” Conclusion?.. Mmm…
  2. Copyright is necessary but abuses thereof (which happen because of ever increasing attempts by right holders to fend off digital age related abilities to circumvent…) are not acceptable. Conclusion?.. Mmm…
  3. Copyright is necessary and good as it is. The respective laws and rulings just have to be enforced properly. But can they be enforced “properly” in the digital age?.. Mmm…
  4. Copyright has nothing to do with digital age. Digital age itself presents huge challenges and opportunities which are to be realized, resolved, applied, etc.
  5. Maybe there are other answers I never heard about.


How do I see it? Copyright as a concept is wrong. And it has never been substantiated. Neither in theory nor in practice. It just exists supported by meaningless speculations for more than 300 years. It is wrong and it is dangerous. There are specifics in the dangers copyright has presented in different times, genres, media, etc. But these specifics do not deny fundamental wrongness of this monster.


So, what about digital age? Why it seems to bring in new challenges regarding copyright (and other kinds of “intellectual property”)? The answer? Digital age just reveals copyright’s abnormality. Digital age does not present specific problems related to authorship and its “protection.” No, digital age does totally different thing: It reveals IP related problems in its specific “digital” ways. As simple as that. They maybe got exacerbated (in order to be seen and misinterpreted) but this not the main issue. The main issue that was exposed is IP monstrosity as such. Conclusion? IP is to be abolished

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