What Do “Do” and “Do not steal from me” Do? – 2.

What does “Do not” do?

Well, that is hardly obvious . . . for many not for me. We need to do some theory here. An author, say a writer, speaks to someone while writing. Who is that “one?” Regardless many details “one” is defined as “one who understands me (the author).” That might be obvious. Now, I, the author, am telling “the one who understands me” (for who else will value my work so much as to risk money and be sure of return): Do not steal from me! Let’s put two premises together, make syllogism, be honest, state conclusion: that one, who understands me, who values my work most, who believes in it, that one is accused as a thief, bad, unworthy guy. That must be the formal conclusion. And now is next, mine: you, the author, who says “Do not steal from me,” you kill yourself. You will never be the same in terms of creativity. You are finished.

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