Things, metaphysics & consciousness

Meetups-meetups! What is “a thing”? For Aristotle whatever thing is it is a conjunction of form and matter. Matter cannot exist without form nor can form exist without matter. A form: 1) makes a thing “this” or “the same,” regardless changes; 2) is what I know about this thing. I see “this sheet of paper” moving from one place to another. It is the same still while being folded. It is the same sheet being torn into small pieces because the pieces are of that sheet. It is still the same if burnt out, the ashes are of that sheet of paper… How is it “the same”? It is the same for my consciousness! The form (which makes that matter to be the sheet of paper under investigation) is my knowing of the form, fact of my consciousness. Now, remember Aristotle’s illustration for syllogism: Humans are mortal, Kai is human, consequently Kai is mortal? The syllogism is evidently about forms. So, where did we arrive to? All of the logic (which supposedly helps us to navigate in the real world) is about facts of consciousness. How about that?

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