On the Nature of Human Values

There was a philosophy meetup yesterday, May 29. Below is the outcome.
Human values for me (this is an assumption) relate to the consciousness as such but in a very special way. 1) In short and very roughly, consciousness reflects things as being the same in time. Having perceived things as same allows us to register changes. The logic is pure and simple: if I don’t see this changing thing as the same (unchangeable in a way) I cannot see changes in it either, because, in this case, one thing (in its previous state) disappears and another (in the next state) appears instead. 2) Values, in turn, in essence, are “things” which are always the same. Yo can change your values or your interpretation of a value but the nature of a value as you “value” it right now – to be the same in eternity. 3) Thence, the assumption: somehow essential sameness of values is responsible for that aspect of consciousness which is to reflect things as being “same.”
Whether this is for real or not, and if it is – how it works? That was totally in fog for me. What became clear yesterday is that value in essence is “of absolute value” in perception of that individual to “value” it. It is the logic of value. It is not compromised by anything until you start to think it over. But I am not talking about thing as subject of thinking but as subject of consciousness. A value is an absolute there. So, my assumption becomes a very concrete one: a thing becomes that of consciousness if and only if it becomes a value! And now a multitude of examples swarm in my mind! Just one: we remember only those things we are interested in – a daily life observation… And I am happy and grateful to my interlocutors!

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