On Major Trends in the Contemporary Economy

This is just a few words on:
The Pirate Party’s solution for the global job crisis: valuing the swarm economy
By Michel Bauwens
29th March 2011

I’m not ready to present a substantial analyses of the Michael Bauwens’ and Rick Falkvinge’s ideas, but only some other notions they invoked:

  • Open Source and alike movements correspond to Marx’s prediction that “free time economy” will emerge as the logical development of free market.

  • OTOH, “knowledge based economy” corresponds to the same notion, as well.

  • Both mentioned trends require self-determined activity and creativity from a “worker.”

  • The later, in my view, is in radical contradiction to yet another trend: that of monopolization.

  • I don’t know for sure what kind of monopoly is worse: IP or casual one, but do believe that IP is the worst.

  • I doubt that any partial solution to the mentioned contradictions would provide for painless transition from “old economy” to some “new one.” I think it is necessary to come up with theoretical models to address major factors and players in those global collisions and possible consequences to any global action.

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