Culture is The Dialogue of Cultures: Yet Another Summary of The Book

I look at exclusive rights from a very definite stand point which is culture. The culture is understood here as “dialogue of cultures” (the theory of a philosopher Vladimir Bibler) paired with the logic of paradox. So, here and there, all over the book, “between lines” and somewhat articulately I provide kind of popular introduction to this not-that-simple-theory.

Large part of the book is composed as dialogues among first graders. This is not just a literary device there. The dialogues were modeled (am not telling written or recorded dialogues they are) after certain practices within framework of the School of the Dialogue of Cultures (educational face of the mentioned above theory). Thus the book makes yet another indirect presentation of the culture as dialogue of cultures.

Besides these general points, the book is packed with dozens of specific ideas regarding arts, creativity, humanity, psychology and more mainly in dialogic perspective.

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